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  • Something is not quite right with an employee

    Sometimes when a client, either a private person or a company, contacts 2Secure it is because of obvious threats or ongoing security breaches. But in other cases, it is just the instinct or feeling that something is not quite right. In these situations, we can help our clients to make sense of the situation. Additionally, we make an assessment and take suitable actions.

    A company contacted us with this feeling – that something wasn’t quite right. The CEO, suspected that an employee was not doing his/her job properly.

    When 2Secure started investigating the situation it became clear to us that the employee had not delivered as usual or even close to. Different projects that was led by the employee were late and did not make the cut.

    When confronting the employee, he/she broke down telling us that he/she had been threatened for some time now. Before the employment at the company he/she had led an active party life where drugs had been available. The employee had soon realized that combining this life with a professional one was not possible and therefore left the party scene behind. However, one of his/her friends had not made the same decision and had developed a drug abuse creating a great debt. One day, a few months after the employee started at the company he/she received a phone call from someone requiring money and saying that he/she owed this since the employee’s friend was unable to pay. The employee refused but the threats continued. All the stress made it impossible for the employee to come through with his/her work and he/she was too scared to tell anyone what was going on.

    After being briefed on the situation we made a risk assessment. With our guidance and through holding our ground in saying the employee had nothing to do with the situation the people asking for money eventually gave up. During the situation, we also offered extra security for the employee.